turning over a new leaf

I’ve always wanted to have a personal journal of our story, and of our life. Not because I think our family is unusually amazing, and not because I think my mothering skills are far superior and deserve attention. Not in any way, actually. Simply because we have a unique and original adventure. No one in the history of the world has our story, nor will it ever be perfectly repeated. Being a mama who works from home, and has a professional blog, I find myself always wanting to talk about my kids, and the weird curry lentil stew I make…but it’s never quite appropriate. So here is this space. A place to talk about Junie’s bedhead, Hazel’s emotional state after giving away her beloved rabbit (but really…) and yes, even that weirdly awesome curry lentil stew I made.  Whether or not you agree, time goes by way too fast. I remember holding my sweet babies and wishing for time to stand still for just a bit… and it didn’t. I love reminiscing through photographs and words to remember how I felt during certain stages of life. And that’s what this is. A place for us.




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