monday musings

Hello, brand spanking new week. Mondays are the best day to stay in bed a little long, make grilled cheese and tomato soup for breakfast (which we did), eat the kids fruit leather and not change out of my pajamas for… well, we’ll just see how long.

Since it’s still so new into the year, we’re still busy tweaking our life. I find it helpful this time of year to assess our little lifestyle and change what I don’t like, and keep what I do. Honestly, with moving and working my tail off the past six months I’m at a spot where I am more disappointed in how things are than seeing things that I want to keep. We’ve recently been eating HORRIBLE (too much sugar and processed crap) which of course leads to getting sick more and feeling lethargic and depressed. Not my idea of fun. So, Here is what our little family is changing for the new year… (which makes me sooo excited!!)

Eating better. I am a firm believer that you are what you eat… and that food can be either medicine or poison. I’m cutting out most our refined sugar intake (like 98% of it), and cutting out anything that isn’t a whole, natural food. And cutting our most our soy (soy is in EVERYTHING).  It’s been week two of eating like this, and although it’s not convenient, it’s also not hard and we feel so much better. I explained to the girls why we were changing our diet and even Juju, who got to pick out a treat at the store picked strawberries because “dey awe hewfy”. For information on growing a healthy family, I like this blog.

Explore. It’s so hard to get out this time of year in the Northwest… you go outside and you’re soon miserable thanks to that horrible misty rain that soaks you to the bone, and the chilling cold wind making it worse, but our life is severely lacking in adventure. I remember when we were dating (what feels like 50 years ago) and we took this random road trip to Alberta, Canada. We left late in the night and drove until the NEXT night. We took a 6 hour detour just to go say hi to a friend who lived in a town called “Seven Persons”.  We drove for 36 hours to be at our destination for 18 hours. But it was an adventure. We got to see the sunrise twice. We talked and laughed and saw grizzly bears and drank a lot of Tim Hortons to stay awake. I dearly miss going out and seeing things outside our tiny bubble of our life. So this year I want to begin adventures with the kids. Leave for the weekend and just drive until we reach a destination, and then play. Take pictures, enjoy being strangers in a new land, and hopefully start a seed of adventure and exploration in the girls. And probably Stanley… you can’t really leave a dog alone. Darn.

Finally, I want to finish decorating this house. Oh my word, this is the BIGGEST task ever. We moved into our current house with hardly anything. And this place has A LOT of space. And things to make a house a home aren’t cheap.  Just look at my Pinterest… (oh Pinterest, the constant reminder of what we don’t have). But, little (and I mean tiny) by little things are coming together. I’m all about having a simple style, but even within that realm it seems impossible to make much progress… besides finding yet another awesome bud vase or jar at the Goodwill.   I’ve included a few photos from our living room. I rummaged around the house to make our credenza a bit more bearable (the lamp is burning my eyeballs though), and of course a photo of my favorite chair. That needs a bookshelf behind it and a rug and a table next to it. Babysteps.

IMG_0583 IMG_0584IMG_0591IMG_0594IMG_0595IMG_0589



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