Winter Round Up

Winter is my LEAST favorite season… it’s usually either too cold to go or too rainy to go outside.  Around here, it’s usually the latter.  The days are also shorter, and sometimes it never gets light out because the clouds are so dark. It’s the worst. It’s like 5pm ALL day long.  I always try really hard in the winter to find something to spark life.  This week I made full on brunch for the girls because it was a. tasty b. contained an obscene amount of calories (always helpful this time of year) and mostly because c. it’s was something that was out of the ordinary. It reminded me of having a picnic in the yard in the summer… except instead of laughing in the grass we were laughing in the kitchen. Laughing and also yelling at the dog to get out of the room (he might be short but he can still easily reach the table with his hot dog body).  All that to say, here are some of my favorite ‘things’ to get me through winter… but even more so than things is comfort food and good company. Nothing is better than eating, laughing and talking with your people.

Untitled-11. A heavy wool grandpa sweater is a MUST in the northwest! 2. Wool Hat. I die. 3. I love my to-do list. This one has been a favorite! 4. Best charcoal mask and intense moisture… it helps with the inevitable scaly skin! 5. Cooking and baking go hand in hand with winter, and what a cute box to store recipes! 6. Brightly hued bags in the winter are like fake sunshine… right? 7. I finally got a pair of Hunter Boots (in kids size so they aren’t so tall!) and I’m so happy. Besides my slippers, these are what I wear the most, especially around here!


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