Around our life

It’s been days of horribly thick fog. It makes me feel like my world shrank down to the size of what I can see… which is my neighbors house. I can’t see the small planes landing in our little town’s airport, I can’t see the sky, I can’t see more than two cars in front of me while driving. I generally appreciate fog (it’s better than rain!) so I’m not totally down trodden (is that a real word?), but I do miss the clear sunny skies, and I miss the feeling of space. I was rummaging through my photos tonight, and here is a little window into the past couple of weeks, pre foggy funk.

From the top left: all the yumminess we’ve been juicing. We’re all back up to health… not even a sniffle is left over here! Junie and Matt together, I adore the special bond my girls have with their dear ol’ dad. Took this photo about 5 minutes before I was bucked off. Look at those ears, totally sassing me. Cash has a middle part. I think it’s hilarious. The girls. A rare day where they didn’t look like homeless children. My sweet sugar pony, Pride. Stanley goes well with my color scheme in the living room. It’s been 6 months since Cash fractured his skull. He is still handsome in my book, and yes, he rocks a purple blanket. Sweet potatoes. I’ve been cooking a lot of weird dishes. I would’ve shared the meal I made with sweet potatoes, but it was weird, so there goes that one.


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