tiny little

Our little family is growing by another little girl this fall. When we first found out we were expecting another baby, we both thought it would be fun to have another girl. Maybe it’s because it’s what we know, or because we have so much fun with our ladies… but after letting the news settle in, I thought I better prepare for a boy… which inevitably got me excited for a boy. Well, come to find out a couple weeks ago, we are really great at making girls. I am so excited for this baby, I’m already so attached to her personality that I have only a tiny glimpse into, and can’t wait to see if she’s going to look like one of the girls, or be a combination all her own.  Since I’m not 22 having a baby, I feel like I have a better grasp on who I am as a mother, and also how I like to do things when it comes to our lifestyle. For one, I’m never putting this baby down. Ever. Until she begs. Besides that, I’ve found after having the girls how much baby ‘stuff’ is shoved into our faces as consumers. I remember having soooo much extra stuff with Hazel, and quickly realizing how little you actually need for a baby. You need onesies, jammies, you need a few good hats, you need lightweight swaddling blankets and some burp cloths. You may need some binkies, a car seat is also important. You don’t need a wipe warmer, 6 bouncy seats for any size of baby, and you definitely DO NOT need 40 pairs of newborn shoes. I promise. I actually don’t really dress my kids in anything but pajamas until they are are almost one. What baby wants to wear jeans? Seriously. They are ALWAYS tight around their poor bellies and they are jeans, which aren’t soft. Junie won’t even wear them yet, that’s how uncomfortable they are. Anyways, what I am SUPER excited about it getting this girl’s nursery decorated. Last night Matt and I started working on a quilt for her, I’m on a craigslist hunt for an awesome mid-century dresser I can use as a changing table , and scouring etsy for art and craft ideas.  We are definitely going to be staying away from anything  “baby-ish” and trying to avoid any pink overload. Here is my inspiration: nursery inspiration copy
1. Quilt colors! 2. Feather Painting  3. Eames style rocking chair 4. Pony Lamp 5. Rug 6. Dresser 7. Lamp


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  1. So much cuteness!!! This makes me want to make a style board for my nursery hee hee. Also, when you mentioned “glimpses of your baby’s personality”…I was talking to an older friend yesterday and she told me that once you have a baby you can’t remember them not being a part of your life and that they were always there, orbiting around you. A sweet little soul. Aww (o: Excited for our girls!!

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